La Voie Royale - Saint Denis
April 30, 2017

10Km International
La Belle vadrouille, 5Km

A new challenge awaits you

All distances
through the Stade de France

10Km International

Placed between history and modernity, the race course of 10Km will make you discover the Basilica of Saint-Denis, the necropolis of the kings of France and the Stade de France, the main national event venue. The Royal Way (La Voie Royale) makes you run since 23 years.

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La Belle Vadrouille

The Belle Vadrouille is a fun race of 5 km, totally playful, convivial, festive and at free pace. It is not a competition. Not ranked. Alone, in family or with friends, you will cross all the Stade de France.

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Nordic Walking

the Nordic walking is also part of the celebration.
Take out your sticks and mix with the Belle Vadrouille and let yourself be carried away by a royal ballad on the Sunday morning of April 30, 2017.

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Choose your Way

The 10 Km and the Belle Vadrouille cross the Stade de France. Accompanyers, friends and families will have access to the grandstand of the Stade de France to encourage you and take a pictures.

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  • The 10Km International.The International 10Km, will be the main event of the 2017 Royal Way.

    Race start: 10:00am

  • La Voie Royale 2017.The experience at the service of the event. We propose a new version: 10Km, a true concentrate of performace and the Belle Vadrouille; 5Km walk at free pace.

    La Voie Royale, Saint Denis, Paris

  • La Belle Vadrouille.Walking at a free pace of a distance of about 5 Km open to all and including Nordic walking.

    Start: 09:00am

RoyaleA concentrate of performance



10Km International
La Belle Vadrouille

La Voie Royale 2017


One-of-a-kind race
Royal Route