- Article 1 - Presentation
La Voie Royale is a sporting event with a set of road distances organized by the Association Saint-Denis Emotion (the organizer), Association law 1901 (SIRET 399 559 715 00038), located at 34 rue de la boulangerie 93200 Saint -Denis

- Article 2 - Date and events.
The La Voie Royal will be organized on Sunday, November 5, 2023 in the town of Saint-Denis and will include the following distances:
- The Belle Vadrouille is a distance of 5km, free pace, not competitive and open to everyone, including also the discipline of Nordic walking: start at 12.00am
- 10km pace open to runners born in (2006 and before): start at 09.00am
- Half Marathon open to runners born in (2004 and before): start at 10.00am

The Starts will take place avenue Jules Rimet (at the gate C of the Stade de France). All the distances cross the Stade de France. The different race courses are available on the Organizer's website.
The distances of half marathon and 10 km race are officially measured and homologated by the French Athletics Federation, complying with the International Road Racing Regulations (IAAF and FFA) and is part of the international AIMS calendar

- Article 3 - Participatig to La Voie Royale
The half marathon and the 10 km are open distances for license holders or individuals. The age categories will give rise to a separate ranking according to the rules of the Fédération Française d'Athlétisme (F.F.A.).
Controls will be carried out during the competition to ensure perfect conditions of regularity of the race. It is expressly stated that the runners will take part in the competition under their own and exclusive responsibility.
Participation in sports events organized or approved by the sports federations concerned is subject to the compulsory presentation of a sports license accepting the issuance of a medical certificate mentioning the absence of a contraindication to the practice of sports in competition, or , for the non-licensees to whom these competitions are open, to the presentation of the only medical certificate, or to his copy dating from less than one year at the date of the race. The authorization to compete is materialized by the delivery of a start number and a chip for timing.
This delivery will be possible after verification by the Organizer of the supporting documents (valid medical certificate or license valid on the date of the race, identity document and payment of registration fees)

- Article 4 - Expo & Packet Pick-Up
The bibs will be picked up at the village of La Voie Royale at the STADE DE FRANCE Porte D, Saturday 22 october from 2 pm to 6 pm or Sunday 23 October from 07:00 am until 45min before the start of your distance.
To pick-up their bib numbers, participants duly registered must bring:
- their medical certificate of no contra-indication to the practice of running in competition or a valid federation license .
- ID with photo
If you want that a third person will pick up your start number for you, please provide him/her your ID. For the groups, the withdrawal of the start number will be done by one of the members of the group. An ID document must be presented.

- Article 5 - Individual and definitive nature of registration
All registration is binding and final, no refund for any reason whatsoever, will be made. No transfer of registration will be allowed.
Any person returning his bib number to a third person will be held responsible in the event of an accident caused or provoked by the latter during the event. The organization disclaims any responsibility in this type of situation.

- Article 6 - Duration of the race
The official jury is composed of a referee of the F.F.A. Whose power is without appeal. He is assisted by judges and race commissioners also appointed by the F.F.A. The refueling points will be installed at KM 5, as well as at the finish.
Participants will have a maximum time of 01:30 to complete the 10Km race. After the end of the race, the competitors will have to comply with the traffic rules and the Highway Code.

- Article 7 - Security
Road safety and medical safety are ensured on the course. The medical services may decide to exclude a competitor for medical reasons.

- Article 8 - Insurance.
In accordance with the legal provisions, the organizers subscribe to an insurance covering the pecuniary consequences of his civil liability, that of his attendants and all participants at The Royal Way. Concerning the civil liability of the participants, the intervention of this insurance for the participants is limited to the accidents that could cause during the race of the sporting event. This guarantee may be in addition to, or in the absence of, other insurance. Participants who do not have personal insurance covering their bodily injury, in particular those not belonging to a sports federation, can personally subscribe to an individual insurance

- Article 9 - Prohibited gear
Bicycles, scooters or other motorized or non-motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on the course. Only official vehicles are allowed.

- Article 10 - Disqualification
Will be disqualified from the event competitors who:
- Did not carry out the start check
- Did not complete the entire race course
- Have no bib number duly visible on the chest, or having folded it in part
- Started with the bib of another competitor
- Did not respect the instructions of the officials of the organization

- Article 11 - The wearing of the number
The number must be worn on the bust, clearly visible, without being bent and without hiding or modifying the logos of the partners of the event. It will not be allowed the participation of competitors without number. On the inside of the bib, it is recommended to mark any important medical information that may be useful in case of emergency. Together with the bib, you will receive an electronic chip that you will have to attach to the laces of your shoe. Will be disqualified, therefore not ranked, who will run without the electronic chip, who will place it in an inappropriate location or participate with that of another participant.

- Article 12 - Right of image
Through its participation in La Voie Royale, each competitor expressly authorizes the Association Saint Denis Emotion to use or cause to be used or reproduced or to have its name, image, voice and sporting performance reproduced or reproduced as part of the event for the purpose of a direct or derived form of trial and in all media, worldwide, by all means known or unknown to date, and for the entire period of protection currently granted to such direct or derivative exploitations by the laws or regulations, judicial and / or arbitral decisions of any country and by the present international conventions or future extensions, including any extensions which could be made to that term.

- Article 13 - Complaints
Any complaint must be communicated to the Senior Referee 30 minutes after the arrival of the first participant. Any other problems that could not be resolved on the spot, will be judged later in accordance with the regulations in force of the F.F.A or the IAAF.

- Article 14 - Acceptance of Regulation
Registration for this event implies acceptance of the terms of these rules. The competitor undertakes on his honor not to anticipate the start, to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line and to ensure that his bib is fully legible during the race. All competitors taking part in this event accept these conditions.

Downloadable Regulations - PDF